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2015 Technology Industry Outlook

2015 Technology Industry Outlook

The survey identifies key trends including geographic expansion plans, emerging tech revenue streams, investment priorities & risks to company growth.


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The Technology Industry Outlook survey, identifies key trends including geographic expansion plans, emerging technology revenue streams, investment priorities, and risks to company growth. Canadian technology leaders can gain insight from the view points and international perspectives of their US peers that contributed to this survey.

Key insights include:

  • Tech industry leaders expect the United States and Canada to drive the highest revenue growth rates for their companies. China, in contrast, recorded a decline.
  • Mobile retains the leading position in driving revenue growth.
  • This year’s results, point to a broader range of technologies that are driving revenue opportunities for the tech sector.
  • Recognizing the importance of information security to maintain customer trust, three-fourths of technology executives expect their companies to spend 1 to 5 percent of their revenue on IT security over the next year.
  • Tech industry leaders identify the speed of economic recovery, new regulations, and tax-related legislation, as leading risk factors to their companies’ growth.

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