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Frontiers in Finance

Frontiers in Finance

Although disaster was averted, it’s still a volatile era in financial services. This edition of Frontiers in Finance focuses on the underlying disruptive forces that characterize today’s complex financial services landscape. We examine the tough choices confronting banks, insurers, asset managers, and other market participants as they navigate intense change and transformation. How can financial services senior executives steer their companies to become more agile and receptive to change – and what growth opportunities will emerge when they do?


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  • We reflect on The G20 Summit and the implications of major regulatory reform initiatives.
  • Virtual currencies are here to stay. We explain why they should be viewed as an opportunity, not a threat.
  • We look at how insurers are using digital tools to revolutionize the claims process – and “reclaim” the customer experience.
  • We explore the importance of data as investment managers implement radical new operating models to address cost and regulatory pressures

Substantial progress has been made in stabilizing the financial sector since the crisis six years ago. Yet a great deal remains to be done.

This issue of Frontiers in Finance focuses on the complex challenge of navigating change and transformation – a challenge that will likely be the top priority for financial institutions for years to come.

In more than a dozen fascinating and relevant articles, we explore some of the principal transformation issues senior executives are struggling with today.

Read this issue to hear the perspectives of KPMG’s global financial services leaders on these – and many more – critical questions on the minds of financial professionals:

  • What will landmark decisions from the G20 Summit mean for the future stability of the industry?
  • How can global financial institutions effectively respond to new regulatory requirements?
  • As the digital revolution continues, what hurdles will financial institutions need to overcome to deliver customer benefits through innovation and technology?
  • How can banks, insurers and other industry players seize opportunities to provide a new set of services that will make life easier for customers?
  • How can the financial services industry overhaul legacy systems in order to extract the most valuable and useful information from a deluge of data?
  • Will embracing virtual currencies enable banks to seize control of payment and settlement systems?
  • Are popular offshoring and outsourcing finance models capable of helping investment banks boost value and meet regulatory demands?
  • How can insurance companies become more sophisticated in assessing and managing cyber risk in order to turn cyber insurance into a strong and sustainable line of business?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of making the transition to IFRS9?
  • What kind of new approaches to governance and oversight do complex investments demand?
  • What are the consequences of stress testing and asset quality reviews of European banks?
  • How can financial institutions control the operational risks of process and system autmoation?

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