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Driving and Communicating Results

Driving and Communicating Results

Procurement organizations are notorious for a myopic focus on savings. But how do successful procurement organizations drive top-line and bottom-line value to the businesses that they serve? In this series learn about how procurement has created value, from collaboration with suppliers, to involvement in product development, to leveraging procurement’s unique market knowledge and perspectives.


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Driving value in procurement is a subject of great interest to the C-suite. In this series find out how you can facilitate a richer relationship with suppliers to help you get more for less, why retaining talent is key to managing risks and how proper procurement processes can help to avoid unsustainable supply. In this series also find out, how to manage, measure and report procurement’s value and achievements throughout the organization.

Karl-Heinz Müller

Karl-Heinz Müller, former Supply Chain Executive at Siemens and Vodafone and thought leader in global Procurement, discusses, how purchasing provides value to the organization from an end-to-end perspective, and which skills are required to successfully establish an integrated purchasing function.

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