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Omnichannel Retail Survey 2016

Omnichannel Retail Survey 2016

KPMG’s 2016 Omnichannel Retail Survey analyses key trends from over 250 retailers and reviews their impact on the supply chain. Key trends covered include Black Friday, delivery models, consumer shopping preferences, returns and the online experience.


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Omnichannel Retail Survey

Our survey has highlighted five key themes

The Black Friday discount week is easing the burden on peak.

As Black Friday has evolved into a week-long promotional period, with only 45 percent of Black Friday purchases occurring on the day itself, it has smoothed the demand and impact on retailer logistics and the parcel carriers. This, coupled with improvements in logistics by parcel providers, has ensured a reduction in the number of missed deliveries compared to last year. 

Savvy Consumers are defining the delivery.

We have seen that consumers are opting for free delivery services as their preferred choice, which is impacting the retailers cost to serve, as they try to react to customer demand whilst facing high costs to their business.

Consumers are shopping late and bringing the fitting room home

The preferred shopping time for consumers was throughout the afternoon and later into the evening, with many consumers ordering duplicate items to try on at home, and physically testing the product upon receipt.

Free returns are driving extra online purchases and additional store traffic.

Consumers are increasingly expecting free returns and a convenient service, which is significantly impacting both store and logistics operations.

There are opportunities to improve the end-to-end online experience.

Customers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to purchase, and there is a real opportunity for retailers and brands to differentiate themselves by offering a personalised and seamless experience, from browsing through to delivery. 

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