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Prepared to harvest

Who is best positioned for sustainable growth?

In the medium term, the traditional OEMs are forecast to maintain their dominance, but it is vital they prepare for a more disruptive future in the long term.


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Prepared to harvest

As the survey indicates, the winners in the new mobility culture will be those companies that achieve the right balance of marketable technologies and apply the appropriate business models to cater to increasingly tech-savvy heterogeneous customer groups. 

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The existing order is not about to be shattered, with the top 10 OEMs all forecast to be from mature markets in 2020, and German manufacturers continuing to dominate the premium end.

The main changes in market position involve Volkswagen potentially stealing the number 1 mass market spot from Toyota as of 2016, and Tata rising on the back of strategic acquisitions of JLR (Jaguar Land Rover). Hyundai’s continued rise in market share expected by the majority of respondents, on the other hand, is predicted to stall somewhat according to recent market forecasts. Nevertheless, the traditional OEMs will need to check their blind spots in a proactive way as the tremendous growth in new technologies and customization options is likely to completely change the automotive eco-system as we know it today.

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