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Business model readiness

Who is best positioned for sustainable growth?

Is the auto industry set for an unstable mobility eco-system?


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Business Model Readiness

The unpredictability of new technologies makes it hard to plan for disruptive changes such as e-vehicles, connectivity and autonomous driving. However, an evolving mobility culture, which eschews traditional car ownership in favor of more flexible options, means that automotive companies must prepare for ‘black swans’ on the horizon.

business model readiness

This year’s survey shows the above six, as the top strategies for future success. However, as the mobility eco-system broadens, automakers can no longer rely on organic growth, and will have to build strategic alliances crossing sector boundaries, and think ‘out of the box’ to find ways to intelligently expand value chains and diversify. A unique brand becomes even more critical, to differentiate yourself in a market teeming with new competitors from other sectors and offering customers a wider range of products and services.

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