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Supply Chain Transformation

Supply Chain Transformation - Executive Talks

Transforming the supply chain effectively and sustainably requires a comprehensive target operating model to be in place, based upon four building blocks: a harmonized process model, a clearly defined delivery model across functions and countries, a supporting IT system and harmonized data landscape as well as a consistently applied benefits realization framework.


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Successful transformation enables the supply chain organization to become more flexible and agile, and to thereby anticipate and address chances effectively. Supply chain becomes a value creating lever, providing tangible financial and operational benefits, such as reduction of working capital and obsolescence, as well as increase of availability.

The Telecommunications industry is among the sectors facing the most significant changes to existing business models in the next years. For managing those industry challenges and dynamics, companies and their supply chains need to be highly adaptive. 


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A video series discussing key challenges and trends in procurement and supply chain management.

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