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Top 10 questions to help you consider how you and your investment management business need to respond to mega trends.


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Ten questions

In KPMG's Investing in the future (PDF 2.6MB) report, we are not attempting to predict the future. We are simply looking to better understand how megatrends could impact the industry. The spectrum of outcomes is broad and there is certainly no 'one-size-fits all' response. 

Some firms may decide that remaining true to models that have served them well for decades is actually the right strategy. Maybe they'll be right – but this has to be a conscious decision, not the result of inactivity or apathy.

However, we firmly believe that the megatrends will drive fundamental changes in what investors of the future need, want and expect. This cannot be ignored and is likely to require a significant reshaping of the industry's model. In our view, simply appreciating that this shift is taking place and pursuing a strategy of incremental change will for many not be sufficient.

  1. What will your clients of the future look like?
  2. How will the industry value chain be impacted and what role do you want to play?
  3. How will your proposition and service model need to change to meet evolving client needs?
  4. What are the implications for your brand and market profile?
  5. What opportunities are available to extend or reshape your existing geographical footprint to take advantage of emerging market developments?
  6. How well positioned is your operating model to support the propositions required and satisfy investors increasing demand for information, education, personalization and immediacy of access across a range of media?
  7. Are you effectively capturing and leveraging internal and external data to help you better engage with clients and remain relevant?
  8. How are you ensuring that a risk focus is embedded within your organization to meet the increasing scrutiny demanded by regulators and investors alike but in such a way that it does not stifle innovation?
  9. What people skills and capabilities will you require in the future?
  10. Where do you see the key risk of market discontinuity coming from?
To access the summary report, please click here (PDF 845KB).

We welcome the opportunity to discuss further and encourage you to contact us or reach out to your local KPMG member firm.

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