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Why KPMG for customer experience?

Customer experience – Customer experience barometer

KPMG member firms understand that – to help achieve sustainable growth – organizations need to place their customers at the heart of everything they do. That is why we focus on creating customer-centric strategies that place an emphasis on creating growth opportunities. We help our clients across all industries – including banking, insurance, utilities and e-retail – to realize the true value of their customers by working with them to identify their customer and revenue growth strategies, enhance their customer experience and create value from their customer data.


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Why KPMG for customer experience?

But we also recognize that creating a customer-centric organization delivers significant opportunities to transform the economics of our clients’ business. That is why we actively seek out opportunities to help our member firm clients deliver a digital-first transformation, optimize their multi-channel distribution and implement a customer-centric operating model.

Our member firms do this by bringing together some of the world’s most talented and experienced professionals to create innovative yet practical customer solutions focused on maximizing customer growth. And with a global network that includes more than 155,000 professionals operating across more than 155 countries, we know what it takes to deliver leading global practices within a local context. 

Applying the results to your organization

While this report does not name individual brands, the data for each of the 125 organizations included in this report are available upon request by company officials. KPMG professionals are also available to conduct an assessment of customer experience using the firm’s proprietary customer experience model. Benchmarking data is available across a range of sectors and markets.

To explore these findings in more detail, or to find out more about applying the findings of this report within your organization, we encourage you to contact your local KPMG member firm or any of the contacts listed at the end of this report.

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