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Spotlight on e-retailers

Spotlight on e-retailers – Customer experience

With the highest scores for customer experience across all sectors, e-retailers offer some valuable lessons for other service-based organizations.


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Spotlight on e-retailers

Key findings for e-retailers:

  • 59 percent of US respondents ranked their e-retailers highly for customer experience, the UK and Germany also received comparatively high scores at 53 percent and 48 percent respectively
  • UK were the only respondents to say that their customer experience had worsened in the past 12 months
  • More than half of respondents from China said that their experience had improved over the past year, UK e-retailers received a below-average ranking
  • Utilities customers place highest importance on value for money
  • e-retail customers place highest importance on value for money
  • In many attributes, e-retailers perform at a higher level than warranted by their relative importance
  • Customers ranked staff engagement as being of relatively low importance
  • 83 percent of China’s respondents said they had recommended their e-retailer, more than half of those from the US, Australia and the UK did the same
  • More than half of all respondents from the UK and US report having complaints resolved at the first point of contact.


“e-Retailers are very focused on creating a differentiated offering through customer service and this has translated into higher than average customer experience scores across the board.”


The experience of e-retailers show that, as consumers become more comfortable with digital channels, their satisfaction increases,” noted Willy Kruh, KPMG’s Global Chair for Consumer Markets. “In particular, e-retailers have managed to create a strong customer proposition through the mobile channel which allows them to enhance value for money, improve customer care and streamline sales without massive increases in capital expenditure.”

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