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Opening Doors for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Opening Doors for Small and Medium Sized Enterpri...

There is an emerging shift in the power balance between many procurement organizations and their suppliers. While procurement organizations once enjoyed much of the bargaining power, this paradigm is shifting as consolidation and market expansion has created larger and more powerful suppliers. Jan Fokke van den Bosch, Global Chief Procurement Officer at ING, discusses this power shift and how his organization is responding.


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Jan Fokke van den Bosch, ING

Jan Fokke is the Chief Procurement Officer of ING, responsible for the total spend of approximately € 4 billion worldwide. Jan Fokke joined ING Bank in November 2011, after 10 years as a partner at A.T. Kearney management consultants.

Jan Fokke has more than 15 years experience in procurement and supply chain management in various industries, like automotive, high tech, consumer goods and financial institutions. Jan Fokke holds a degree in business economics, with emphasis in Marketing, from RSM.

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