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Global War for Talent

Global War for Talent

Within the next five years shifting workforce demographics will amplify an already competitive market for talent, specifically in procurement organizations. Fredrick Spalcke, CPO at Philips, discusses the new normal within the procurement profession - constant disruption, increasing risk, and the need for specialized skills and competencies. CPO’s must be prepared and focused to battle for the talented personnel needed to deliver value in the procurement organizations of tomorrow.


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About Fredrick Spalcke

Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Philips

Fredrick Spalcke is the Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer of Royal Philips. Before joining Philips, in 2012, Mr. Spalcke worked for several multinational companies in executive leadership roles, building a successful international career with a strong track record of restructuring and delivering results, based on a broad experience in Corporate Strategy, M&A, Logistics and Procurement.

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