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Partnerships and collaboration are key

Partnerships and collaboration are key

In this final article of the series, Sanjaya Krishna looks back at the articles and focuses on one of the key themes of the series: partnerships.


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If we’ve learned anything from the Mobile Evolution article series, it’s that mobile enablement does not happen in a vacuum. No single organization has the capability, capacity or capital to ‘own’ the market outright; in fact, to succeed at all, stronger partnerships will need to be formed, cooperation both within the industry and between industry sectors will need to grow, and collaboration across the ecosystem will need to flourish. 

The value of partnership

Frequent readers of the Mobile Evolution series will no doubt have noted a recurring theme of ‘partnerships’ across many of the articles in the series. Our two feature articles on the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine communications, for example, demonstrated that partnerships between customers, vendors and operators are key to developing more effective and efficient mobile solutions. As Maciej Kranz of Cisco noted, “this is one of those areas where the entire industry needs to come together to solve some of the big challenges.” And it is largely through these partnerships that challenges like mobile security are now being overcome.

Nowhere was this made more clear than in our sector-specific articles. Whether it’s making cars ‘smarter', delivering more effective healthcare, deploying new and secure mobile banking solutions, improving retail sales and customer loyalty, or monetizing mobile for the media sector, our authors and industry experts consistently noted the need for greater collaboration across the value chain.

The series also demonstrated that growth opportunities in the mobile space will require vendors, technology companies and operators to work closely together in the future. Standards will need to be set and implemented; joint ventures will need to be formed, ecosystems will need to be encouraged and risks will need to be shared if the market is to grow. Internal collaboration will also be key as organizations seek to transform their organizations through mobile enablement. 

The mobile evolution continues

What is also clear from this series is that the real mobile evolution is just getting started. Businesses are in the relatively early stages of recognizing the transformative benefits of mobile; vendors are bringing truly innovative solutions to the market; and operators are realizing the massive opportunities that mobile brings beyond simple volume and infrastructure plays.

What will remain to be seen is which players will take advantage of the opportunities being created by mobile. Some will seek to gain competitive advantage from new mobile solutions, others will leverage mobile to disrupt existing markets and create new business models. Still others will find mobile holds the key to unexpected operational efficiency and workforce productivity gains.

The willingness to experiment and innovate have always been keys to future success in mobile. But it will be those organizations that are able to create a culture that combines innovation and experimentation with an openness to partnerships and collaboration that will more than likely succeed in the long-run. 

Take the lessons with you

Over the course of 20 articles and 12 months, the Mobile Evolution series has touched on many of the issues that matter most to those operating in the mobile world and serves as a valuable guide to executives exploring this evolving space.

On behalf of KPMG’s network of Technology, Media and Telecommunications professionals, I would like to thank all of those who gave up their valuable time to contribute to this series; your insights, experience and advice have been greatly appreciated.

To learn more about the issues and topics raised in this series – or to discuss your organization’s unique mobile objectives – I encourage you to contact your local KPMG member firm.

By Sanjaya Krishna

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