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Supply chain strategies that characterize companies€™ top operational priorities

Supply chain strategies that characterize compani...

KPMG's Global Manufacturing Outlook 2013 report finds manufacturers are placing the supply chain at the center of their efforts to achieve their strategic priorities. Global manufacturers’ ability to optimize performance and cost in their entire supply chain will be key to helping them become more competitive and resilient.


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Supply chain strategies that characterize companies’ top operational priorities

“The supply chain has also come sharply into focus for metals companies. Over the past year, I have noted a move by many organizations to reduce downstream costs and capture some of the value lost to intermediaries by rethinking their distribution and customer service offerings. On the upstream side, we expect to see an uptick in the pace of partnering and joint ventures as metals organizations look to secure the cost benefits of vertical integration without outlaying massive amounts of capital or shouldering too much risk.”

Eric Damotte, KPMG Global Head of Metals

As technology becomes cheaper and communication software becomes a more effective way to communicate, companies may find more ways to collaborate efficiently across networks rather than hierarchically. Along the way, companies may find that greater information-sharing at different levels and stages of the production process can spark new ideas to help firms enhance their products.

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