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Regulatory challenges

Regulatory Challenges

KPMG’s Financial Services Regulatory Centers of Excellence can provide insights into the implications of the raft of regulatory change.

KPMG’s FS Regulatory CoE provides insights into the implications of regulatory change.

Regulation continues to drive the strategic agenda. Financial services firms must manage the complex suite of new rules enacted by global, regional and national policy setting bodies that are changing the strategy, business model and operating procedures of financial services. Implementation of complex changes over extended timescales, with other proposals in the pipeline, is forcing firms to change the way they operate and address fundamental issues around profitability and future plans.  Indeed, managing regulatory change is a major business issue in itself.

A global perspective

A network of Regulatory Centers of Excellence at the heart of the major financial markets – Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific – are delivering cross-border insights in response to the unprecedented scale and impact of regulatory change. 

The Centers bring together regulatory expertise from across KPMG’s global network to provide valuable insight to our clients on regulatory developments locally, regionally and globally in the areas of banking, insurance, capital markets and investment management.

Providing your business with:

- Insights into the regulatory agenda and issues, market developments, and the challenges to strategy, business model and operating procedures
- Access to a global team which understands regulation, supervision and the implications for management, the board and customers
- Experienced advisers who deliver pragmatic solutions to complex regulatory issues
- Regular updates on key developments

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