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Innovation: forging ahead

Innovation: forging ahead

Companies remain well aware of the importance of R&D and innovation in strengthening their competitive advantage. KPMG Global Manufacturing Outlook 2013 study finds that the trend towards investment in R&D continues.


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Innovation: forging ahead

“Governments across the globe are looking to partner with industry by offering R&D tax incentives that specifically promote and target innovation and growth. Over 40 countries are now offering R&D incentives that provide tax-effective options for locating and structuring R&D operations. This is a winwin situation for both the countries, who can reap substantial spin-off economic benefits, and the businesses, who can benefit from increased innovation to bolster their growth and profitability.”

- Carlo Ciaramitaro, KPMG’s Canadian and Americas R&D Tax Incentives Leader

The number of respondents who expect to invest at least 4 percent of their revenue in R&D over the next two years is 15 percentage points greater than the number who invested this over the last two years.

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