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Global Manufacturing Outlook 2013: Competitive advantage

Global Manufacturing Outlook 2013: Competitive...

The past few years have brought both large-scale upheaval and major new opportunities for global manufacturers. In the Global Manufacturing Outlook 2013 - Competitive advantage: enhancing supply chain networks for efficiency and innovation global manufacturers are redoubling their efforts to become more efficient and innovative, both to stay competitive in mature markets, and to capitalize on growth opportunities in the emerging world. Firms are looking to deepen their relationships with partners, invest in innovation and strengthen their operations to prepare for growth.


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“As you will see from the 2013 GMO, the next wave of supply chain gains will be the most dramatic yet, with a new spirit of partnership, transparency, and visibility across the value chain creating enormous economic value from a technology-enabled demand-driven supply chain.”

- Jeff Dobbs, Global Sector Chair, Industrial Manufacturing

Global manufacturers are seeking a competitive advantage by:

  1. Increasing transaction activity to take advantage of growth opportunities in global markets, while reassessing operations and product portfolios to control costs.
  2. Viewing their ‘channel partners’ as more of a network and building closer working relationships with their suppliers and other partners to maximize responsiveness to changes in the market. More effective and efficient collaboration enables them to optimize inventory, logistics, and other operational costs.
  3. Improving visibility in supply chain optimization provides a major opportunity for many companies to boost performance, agility, and resilience.
  4. Increasingly placing the supply chain at the center of their strategies to innovate, as they begin to look at suppliers not just as a source of production and logistics but also of ideas.
  5. Investing in breakthrough and incremental innovation to stay competitive. Nearly a third of respondents whose firms are stepping up R&D say their company will invest in breakthrough innovation.

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