Private Equity

Private Equity

At KPMG, we recognize that private equity is not just about the transaction but also about a continuous cycle of fundraising & portfolio management.

At KPMG, we recognize that private equity is not just about the transaction but also...

In today’s market, high prices for quality assets and a likely low growth economic environment in the medium term in most developed markets, will require private equity houses to work harder and smarter to add value to their portfolios. This will require better operational understanding of targets pre-acquisition and likely more value creating intervention during ownership. Advisors will therefore need to have deep insight into relevant business sectors and understand companies thoroughly from an operational and strategic perspective. This is why we at KPMG with our industry sector focus groups and  multidisciplinary teams, are well positioned to provide coordinated services to the private equity industry.

How KPMG can help

Our services cover the entire life cycle of private equity investments: 

  • fund-raising, valuations and fairness opinions 
  • buy/sell side assistance on transactions (identifying targets, valuations, negociations, ….) 
  • tax structuring (both at fund level and transaction level) 
  • buy side due diligence, vendor due diligence, vendor assistance
  • management and risk consulting services to the operational companies, typically focusing on improving financial reporting and managing operations and on integration/restructuring


KPMG member firms are among the leading advisers in the world of private equity. Our position in the market place enables us to have a deep understanding of private equity houses. KPMG’s private equity group is a multidisciplinary group providing coordinated services to the private equity industry.

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