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Rethinking risk

​In the past risk was considered an obstacle to be avoided which often resulted in being left behind. In today’s uncertain economic environment, widespread digital disruption and rapidly changing regulatory landscape, status quo is no longer an option. Taking risks is part of business – it’s how you take, select and negotiate those risks that makes the difference between success and failure. To gain competitive advantage companies need a dynamic approach to risk management in order to move faster, act decisively, and be bolder and braver in today's fast-changing conditions.

Rethinking Risk represents a new way of dealing with the issue of risk.

Global profiles of the fraudster

Who is the typical fraudster?

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The role of Internal Audit in addressing emerging risks

Internal Audit can help organizations get on the front foot.​

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Internal Audit & Strategy – A Vital Connection

Internal Audit is in a very unique position to help organisations.

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The Compliance Journey

Boosting the value of compliance in a changing regulatory climate

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Using analytics successfully to detect fraud

In this article we examine factors behind the low detection rate of fraud using analytics.

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Supply Chain Fraud

Fraud is a global scourge that harms corporate reputations and costs millions.

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Litigation readiness survey

Understanding how companies are managing their litigation readiness as well as obtain...

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