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Local Community Involvement

Local Community Involvement

At KPMG, corporate responsibility is part of our business model. We work closely with our community, encouraging and enabling our own people

At KPMG, corporate responsibility is part of our business model.

"Our passion for the community extends beyond borders to make a difference around the world"

Anthony Cowell - Partner, Head of Citizenship in KIG Region

At KPMG, corporate responsibility is part of our business model. We work closely with our community, encouraging and enabling our own people to share their skills through volunteering, managing our environmental impacts, working alongside our clients on projects or financially supporting local initiatives. The cornerstone of our local community involvement is our based off of our Global Goals. 

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Make a Difference Day

Make a Difference Day (MaDD) is an annual, hands-on volunteering event, encouraging staff to give of their time to make a positive difference in their communities. Teams of KPMG employees and their families undertake a 1 or 2-day challenge in their local communities which not only demonstrates a positive social impact but also acts as a team building exercise for all involved.

Since the first MaDD initiative undertaken by the KPMG in Barbados office in October 2006, our staff and their families have been involved in a number of projects ranging from beautification initiatives (painting, tiling, planting grass, etc.) at the Arthur Smith Primary School, to planting trees at the Sir Garfield Gymnasium, to donation of gifts and singing/interacting with the patients and staff at the Geriatric Hospital and the building and installing playground equipment at the Madam Ifill Day Nursery.

Employee Wellbeing

We recognise how important it is for our team to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. Some of the programs we have for our staff include:

Family Fun Days - Staff and their families enjoy a fun day of activities compliments of the local firm.

Annual Salad Bar - The Corporate Responsibility Committee hosts an annual Salad Bar in April in recognition of World Health Day and World Day for Health and Safety at Work.

Health Checks - Annually, KPMG has nurses on site to perform various health checks for staff.

  • Nurses from the Diabetes Association visit to perform tests pertaining to blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar; and
  • Nurses from the Barbados Cancer Society visit to perform breast cancer self examination tests.
  • KPMG has also paid for males in the office to be tested for prostate cancer.

Fun Walk/Run Activities for various charities - The firm sponsors staff (individual or group) to participate in any fun run/walk events taking place on island. Some events include the ICBL Fun Walk/Run; the Chefette Fun Walk/Run; Cancer Awareness Fun Walk/Run; Run Barbados and many others.

KPMG Corporate Citizenship

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Sustaining our environment

We are committed to spreading environmental best practices among all our member firms and within our everyday lives. By engaging in activities which help to reduce our carbon footprint, manage our waste consumption, promote conservation of our natural resources and other environmental practices, we are hopeful that we will make a significant, positive impact on the environment.

Some of our environmental initiatives include:

At the office - Electric car charging ports; use of LED and other environmental lighting mechanisms, automated timers for AC use, recycling of materials (plastic, tin and paper), blow dryers in washrooms and other practices.

Clean Up Barbados - Annually KPMG sponsors and participates in the Future Centre Trust's Clean Up Barbados project. 

Turtle Habitat Awareness - KPMG was one of the major sponsors for the design of a mural to raise awareness about turtle nesting grounds at the beach opposit the office. The project was coordinated by the Future Centre Trust in Barbados.

Tree Planting - KPMG sponsored the planting of 40 trees at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium and were also sponsors fot the planting of trees at the National Conservation Commission's Aboretum.

eCard Festivity Competition - Annually, the office engages in an e-card Festivity Competition to reduce the use of sending paper cards to clients during the holiday season. The competition has been held amongst the children of the staff at the office as well as at the Arthur Smith Primary School.

Christmas on the Boardwalk

KPMG in Barbados, in association with the St. Matthias Community Association coordinates the annual free “Christmas on the Boardwalk” concert.

KPMG Barbados is the major sponsor of the event which focuses on highlighting the talents of performers from the community. In 2015, KPMG also arranged for children from the Nightengale Children’s Home to attend the concert. Gifts are provided to all children who attended by the KPMG Elves.

KPMG has been involved with the event since 2013.

Other Causes

KPMG supports other numerous causes. Some of these include:

Funding recoveries and responding to disasters - Hurricane Maria (2017), Hurricane Irma (2017), Tropical Storm Erika (2015), Super typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines (2013), Earthquake in Haiti (2010), Hurricane Ivan in Grenada (2004) and others

Variety Charity - sponsorship and participation int he annual Row for Charity event.

HIV Food Bank - monthly donations to support the food bank.

The Diabetes Association

The Future Centre Trust

Schools and Educational Events

and others

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