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Employee Share Scheme Reporter

Employee Share Scheme Reporter

ESS Reporter automates the complex calculation of employee share scheme (ESS) income, sourcing data direct from share plan administrators.

ESS Reporter automates the complex calculation of ESS income.

The management of ESS can be incredibly complex. The burden on in-house resources continues to rise with regular legislative change, a more globally mobile workforce and the increasing importance placed on employer reporting by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

What is ESS Reporter?

Employee Share Scheme Reporter is an industry-leading solution that automates calculation of employee share scheme income, sourcing data directly from share plan administrators, to:

  • minimise the time required of in-house teams
  • reduce the risk of error
  • provide the assurance of KPMG Tax sign-off on employee and ATO reporting
  • generate reports that provide clarity to employees regarding their tax obligations.

Key features

  • Calculation of gross income.
  • Caters to internationally mobile participants.
  • Manages employee communication.
  • Calculates relevant payroll tax.
  • Flexible to your needs.

To find out more, read our ESS Reporter Factsheet (PDF 136KB)

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