Tax Management Consulting

Tax Management Consulting

KPMG’s Tax Management Consulting team offers insights into the current tax environment and how to implement good tax management.

KPMG’s Tax Management Consulting team helps businesses implement good tax management.

Corporate taxation is increasingly complex, while tax professionals are being asked by their organisations to do more with less. However advances in technology, thinking, and practices can better enable tax departments to work smarter in leveraging stakeholder interest, removing barriers and red tape.

KPMG’s Tax Management Consulting team understands that each organisation has unique pressures and expectations when it comes to tax management. We advise on the latest and leading practices in managing and delivering tax obligations. This involves assessing and enhancing your current operating model to ensure it is efficient and effective.

We look at areas such as tax strategy, transparency reporting, tax communications strategies, reputational risk management and tax LEAN.

We also look at operational risk frameworks, provide internal audit support, help with revenue authority relations, manage tax compliance on sourcing and delivery models, and assist with tax technology solutions.


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