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KPMG First Point Global

KPMG First Point Global

We assist with identity and access management, consumer and digital identity, risk assessment, strategy development and technology implementation.

We assist with development, management and implementation of various technologies.

Cyber security is one of the biggest risks facing organisations today. The critical challenge of protecting information systems and assets, and the reputational and regulatory implications of failing to do so, continue to raise the stakes on cyber security and governance.

With this increased focus, in April 2015, KPMG Australia acquired First Point Global a leading adviser on Cyber Security and implementer of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to clients across the Asia Pacific region.

This combined group has formed to become KPMG First Point Global.

How we can help

With investors and regulators increasingly challenging boards for greater transparency around major breaches and the impact on business, KPMG First Point Global will offer an integrated cyber service spanning consulting, systems implementation and ongoing support.

We can assist our clients with the entire spectrum of services across identity management, consumer and digital identity, risk assessment, strategy development through to implementation of the technology service.

KPMG First Point Global has more than 30 specialists which include security engineers, architects and system integrators — the largest specialist IAM team in Australia making them the clear choice in identity and access management.

At KPMG First Point Global, we believe cyber security is about what you can do — not what you can't.

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