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Corporate Affairs Advisory

Corporate Affairs Advisory

Our team helps client engage, understand and develop corporate affairs and government engagement for the 21st century.

We help clients engage, understand and develop corporate affairs leadership.

In a world where corporate reputation can be damaged at the click of a button, a proactive approach to corporate affairs can make all the difference.

With new government regulations, enquiries and royal commissions coming with increased frequency, and community sentiment, activism and social licence dominating public discourse, what your organisation does to manage key stakeholders is more critical than ever.

Corporate Affairs Advisory helps our clients to go beyond public relations (PR), lobbying and philanthropy to create value, enhance reputation and minimise risk with key stakeholders and government.

How we can help

KPMG’s Corporate Affairs Advisory services can help you move away from low maturity approaches to external engagement which builds cynicism and helps you move towards a high value corporate affairs framework which aligns to strategy, creates corporate value and enhances reputation.

We can assist you with:

  • assessing social licence
  • developing external engagement and consultation programs in order to reach complex stakeholders including activist groups, community, government and political movements
  • analysing corporate affairs functions to ensure a mature and proactive approach, and the right processes and capabilities
  • defining and articulating the value our clients deliver to society
  • understanding partnerships with government agencies
  • stakeholder engagement around private-public-partnerships and similar multi-sector government operations
  • navigating the social licence aspects of foreign investment
  • Parliamentary enquiry training, support and analysis to maximise reputation and positive outcomes
  • presales engagement strategies for new suppliers to government and businesses entering Australia
  • developing government engagement strategies.

By working with your board, senior leaders and the corporate affairs function we can provide advice on proactive engagement strategies to build social licence and harmonious partnerships with your stakeholders.

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