Executive Search & Selection

Executive Search & Selection

Our team works in partnership with clients in the areas of executive search, executive selection, due diligence, recruitment and remuneration advice.

Our team helps clients in the areas of executive search, selection & due diligence.

Seeking the right talent for strategic board and executive appointments is a challenging and extremely important task for organisations in today’s competitive environment.

Identifying and attracting leaders with the outlook, skills and capacity you need are critical to building a structure and culture to fulfil strategic objectives and ensure business success.

This requires a deep understanding of your industry and culture, as well as a methodical and rigorous approach to getting the right people on board.

A unique business model

KPMG Executive Search & Selection draws on the knowledge of a local, national and global network of KPMG professionals across key industry sectors. This gives us a deep understanding of each market, and vast access to potential candidates.

Our professionals work with organisations to understand their business drivers, culture and values, enabling us to provide a tailored approach that ultimately helps identify the best candidate for each appointment.

Our valued clients include government agencies, higher education, financial services, technology, media, telecommunications, consumer, industrial, health, human services and aged care sectors.

How we can help

Identifying the right non-executive director, senior executive or professional leader requires organisational knowledge, the relevant business network, and established search and research systems. Our services include:

  • Strategic talent solutions and succession planning – We work with the board and CEO to identify and plan for critical positions. Continuous identification, engagement, assessment, and management of top talent in the external and internal market for future leadership roles is key.
  • Board appointments – High performing boards draw on the diversity of mindset, skills and capacity of their members. We assist in identifying and selecting the best available candidates to enhance the existing board.
  • Executive search – We undertake a proactive approach to identify and gain the interest of quality candidates.
  • Targeted search – Based on your criteria, we conduct dedicated research to identify target organisations and positions. We approach individuals to determine their fit with the role and interest.
  • Direct sourcing – KPMG has an extensive national and international network across all industries and sectors. We draw on this to obtain referrals to prospective candidates. 
  • Advertised selection – Using various forms of media, we quickly access a wide range of active candidates while making sure that your marketing strategy is respected.
  • Due diligence – We conduct comprehensive reference checks and leadership and culture assessments, to provide confidence in the final appointment.
  • Pre-employment screening – We facilitate pre-employment screening services to help verify representations made by candidates.
  • Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) – KPMG Executive Search & Selection is a member of the executive search profession’s global peak professional body. Read more at www.aesc.org.

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