We collect, analyse and interpret population and other data to help organisations align products, services and workforces with demographic trends.

We help organisations align products, services and workforces with demographic trends.

Many business decisions require some understanding of demographic principles and trends. These can relate to workforce profiles as much as they can to consumer behaviour. Where will skilled talent be sourced in the future? And what are the ascendant behavioural trends that are shaping consumer demand?

Both issues have the capacity to impact matters of risk and overall business efficiency.

Why demographics is important for business

Demographics can be used to quantify markets, to scope a blueprint for expansion, or to make a contribution to shaping public opinion.

Demographics deals with the people side of managing a business and with achieving the best possible outcome. Better than most inputs into the business planning process the demographics angle can usually be quantified to help management better understand the issues.

Bernard Salt founded KPMG’s Demographics group in 1998 as a global centre of excellence within the KPMG network. Bernard is one of Australia’s leading commentators, interpreting the demographic landscape from a social, cultural and generational perspective.

What clients want

Clients generally want to raise the profile of a development site, or a product, or a business or an issue. They want to establish the facts with regard to consumer spending, worker behaviour or trends such as the shifting share-of-wallet. Sometimes clients want a broad market assessment of the outlook for their sector, their city or their area of business activity.

  • How big is the market? 
  • Where is it growing most rapidly? 
  • Who and where are our competitors? 
  • Where will household formation be greatest across Australia over the next 5 years?

These are all legitimate questions from a board or a management team that require demographic advice.

How we can help

In developing this advice, KPMG’s Demographics group analyses official population data in conjunction with client data, uses GIS mapping software, conducts catchment area analyses, projects housing demand by household type and draws upon internal subject matter experts.

What we deliver

Arguably it is in the delivery of advice via data visualisation tools, thought leadership and infographics, in addition to technical reports and presentations, and the ability to generate media attention, that KPMG’s Demographics group is unique.

The group works across all industries throughout all parts of Australia and New Zealand.

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