Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Our team helps drive business change improvements to clients and operations across procurement, supply chain and business performance improvement.

Our team helps drive business change improvements to clients.

The global and Australian markets are demanding business and government to continually fund ways to do more with less, to innovate and adapt, and sustain performance over time. 

How we can help

KPMG’s Operational Excellence group assists clients to drive business change in a faster and more sustainable way.

We help clients to improve their operations, which involves genuine knowledge transfer, so the skills are embedded into their organisation. If operational improvements do not become business as usual, we believe they have failed.

To achieve robust outcomes, we work with all industry sectors at KPMG, marrying our functional approach with a wide range of industry-specific skills and knowledge. At the same time, we team with our clients to jointly arrive at an approach. It is about working with our clients, not simply presenting outcomes to them. Our clients benefit from our global connections as every engagement has the relevant expertise on board to meet our clients’ diverse requirements.

Procurement Advisory

Our team, supported by KPMG’s Global Centre of Excellence, leads our clients to develop multi-year procurement strategies executed through category management, strategic sourcing and strategic relationship management all underpinned by effective operational and P2P processes. 

Our approach is focused on delivering sustainable cost reduction programs which balance organisational risk and business requirements, whilst delivering value form money outcomes to fund organisation-wide transformation programs. 

Supply Chain Advisory

Supply chain operations are becoming ever more important amid increased global competition, complex supplier networks, customer demands, advances in technology and a changing regulatory environment. We work with organisations to understand the effectiveness and improvement potential within their end-to-end supply chain and distribution networks, supported by our Global Centre of Excellence. 

Business Performance Improvement

KPMG’s global BPI methodology provides a flexible and consistent method to assist clients to transform their operations, including design and implementation of new processes and controls, adoption of new business models and organisational restructuring. We believe in delivering quantifiable benefits to organisations driven by their customers' expectations and requirements.

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