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Social Media Advisory

Social Media Advisory

KPMG Social Media Advisory supports clients with digital risk management, to capitalise on social media and manage their brand and reputation.

KPMG Social Media Advisory helps clients with digital risk and reputation management.

With organisations engaging in social media more than ever, and facing the opportunities, challenges and risks associated with 24-7 connectivity, we help our clients with social media strategy, planning and insight.

When used positively, social media can provide an organisation with the avenue to connect with markets and stakeholders.

However, for many organisations, risks extend beyond an online ‘customer complaint’, venturing into unexpected issues such as fraud, lobbying or supply chain disruption.

We conduct reviews on framework, prepare digital stakeholder relations strategies and develop cutting edge social media campaigns.

Our expertise covers:

Social media strategy review and development
We look at how social media supports broader business objectives, the opportunities and development areas. We assist with social media resourcing and team development.

Governance reviews
We undertake policy, systems and procedure reviews, and analyse access controls and employee safety. We analyse regulatory requirements and expectations.

Intelligence and industry trends
We assess how social media can provide insights into discussions about products, services and potential markets.

Brand and reputation protection
We use social media and digital channels to proactively and reactively protect corporate brand and reputation.

Social media monitoring, resources and support
We conduct forensic investigations, development of resourcing models, product recall support, supply chain reviews, community and stakeholder engagement via social media and transaction support through social media intelligence.

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