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Asset Management

Asset Management

Our Asset Management team helps clients to coordinate their organisational activities to realise the maximum value from their non-financial assets.

How we help organisations realise the maximum value from their non-financial assets.

Good asset management focuses on delivering value to customers and stakeholders. Therefore, it is essential for organisations to transform to applying a strategic, rather than operational approach to asset management.

A key way to achieve this is to embrace technology to help streamline processes to capture real time data, in turn helping them to make informed investment decisions.

At KPMG, we draw on our proven approaches to establish a line-of-sight between business requirements, service outcomes, infrastructure and operational investments for staff and stakeholders. This includes leadership, planning, finance, IT, engineers and operations teams.

We then work with the organisation to identify and leverage available revenue streams to execute the strategy and achieve required business outcomes for customers.

Our core asset management offerings include:

Diagnose – empowering decision making based on insights

  • Undertaking a capability assessment utilising KPMG’s asset management maturity model and ISO55001 conformance assessment tools.
  • Benchmarking relative position of performance versus other organisations.
  • Aligning financial and technical asset registers.
  • Reviewing performance to ensure asset strategy and business strategy alignment.

Strategy – designing business strategies to succeed

  • Developing the asset management policy and associated strategies.
  • Designing target operating models and management operating systems.
  • Identifying information needs and decision making criteria.
  • Future proofing the technology roadmap and enabling technology utilisation. 

Transform – organisational asset management transformation

  • Engaging with stakeholders and determining business readiness.
  • Transforming the operating and business model with associated culture change.
  • Identifying, monitoring and realising benefits.
  • Conducting post implementation reviews.

Improve – continuous improvement of business productivity

  • Providing insights and asset intelligence reporting.
  • Using predictive analytics of asset performance to improve information quality.
  • Modeling of integrated TOTEX planning and whole life costs.
  • Prioritising investment and asset procurement.

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