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Eight startups ready to take ENR sector by storm

Eight startups ready to take ENR sector by storm

KPMG Australia revealed the eight startups who have been selected to take part in Energise, Asia-Pacific’s largest energy and natural resources (ENR) accelerator, which runs in Perth from 21 July to 13 October 2015.


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The startups have been selected from applicants from all over Australia, and will take part in an intensive program to develop and commercialise their products and services aimed at targeting the ENR sector. The program will culminate with a graduation night where each startup will pitch to investors, sponsors and guests, with A$200,000 in prizes on offer for the strongest startup pitches on the night.

James Mabbott, Head of Innovation Services for KPMG Australia said: “Accelerators such as Energise play a vital role in developing Australian startups and preparing them for global growth and success. The ENR sector has been at the mercy of a shifting landscape over the past few years, which means major players in the space are more willing than ever to embrace creativity, think differently and look at approaching old problems with new solutions.”

“KPMG’s Energise accelerator aims to connect the innovation and new ideas coming out of tech startups not just with potential investors, but directly with a panel of industry-leaders such as BHP Billiton, Shell and Woodside, who can potentially become future partners and clients for the participating startups. If we can bridge the two sides of this equation it will bring tremendous value not just to the ventures and industry players involved, but to Australia’s entire startup eco-system.”

The startups entering Energise will immediately gain access to a mentor panel which includes expertise from international startup heavyweights Gary Coover, manager of Samsung’s Silicon Valley accelerator; Peter Rossdeutscher, the entrepreneur behind tech firms Intierra and Micromine; and Rohan Thompson, strategic partner manager for Google in Mountain View. This will be complemented from input and guidance from Energise program supporters including platinum sponsor Woodside, gold sponsors Resource Capital Funds and Jolimont Global, as well as a participant list that includes some of the leading players of the ENR sector in Asia Pacific.

KPMG is also providing access to more than 40 specialists to support the Energise startups in areas such as company set-up, product development and market insight.

Toby Gardner, Energise program director, commented: “Accelerators have been around for years, but Energise is a new kind of accelerator – focused on only one vertical (energy and natural resources) and on a massive scale, with some 60 mentors and the involvement of over 14 of the largest supporting companies in the sector. Not only is Energise different in terms of scale and vertical focus, but it also has a shift towards later stage startups – allowing the supporting companies to be able to evaluate, test, and potentially integrate these startups’ technologies during the 12 weeks – providing immediate results for everyone. This makes Energise an innovation program that is both unique in Australia and even by global standards.”

Energise participants

The ventures joining the KPMG Energise program are:

  • Ecocentric Energy – has developed 'Numen System' a system designed to revoutionise the decision making process in using and conserving energy in commercial buildings and industrial facilities.
  • Element Engineering – a mechatronic engineering firm that has developed a new ‘internet of things’ product which allows real-time monitoring of any product or structure through the use of modular devices and multiple forms of wireless communications.
  • Global Unmanned Systems – provides customised, integrated solutions for the natural resource and extractive industries sectors in respect of environmental and social baseline data acquisition, ongoing monitoring, surveillance, inspection and surveying using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and complimentary data processing and analysis technologies.
  • GreenSync – a high growth technology company that provides a portfolio of automated demand management products and services for commercial and industrial energy users and network utilities to optimise power usage, including distributed energy technology for large scale.
  • Sandpit Innovation – an ideation consultancy that specialises in the design, development and delivery of innovation to the ENR sector. Sandpit Innovation have co-developed a number of new solutions such as the Spidler®, mineRECON®, Oust!® and iCAS®.
  • Sentient Computing – an established Perth-based software company that has been developing high quality applications for customers such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Fortescue Metals Group, and Woodside since 2000. Sentient has developed MVX, a new venture that utilises data to create dynamic and interactive 3D environments.
  • Skrydata – advanced analytic technology and processes to uncover insights from big data. Skrydata has worked on bespoke applications of its proprietary system for clients such as iiNet, Landgate and Cobham Aviation Services.
  • Smith and Jackson (Notio Pty) – has developed an innovative system to install modular buildings materially faster, cheaper and with less environmental impact than traditional methods.

More details on the Energise program and the successful applicants can be found at: energise.kpmg.com.au

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