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Tertiary Education Policy Series 2017/2018 – How to achieve…

Tertiary Education Policy Series 2017/2018

In the second Tertiary Education Policy event by KPMG and the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education we'll debate the ways to achieve an equitable tertiary education system.


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How to achieve… an equitable tertiary education system

26 February 2018

Australians believe we live in a fair and egalitarian country. We believe in a fair go: in equality of opportunity. We also believe that accessible education and training is a fundamental right and it facilitates prosperity, social mobility and a richer and more engaged economy.

However, while access to higher education has increased dramatically over the past 30 years, income and wealth inequality is also on the rise. This seeming contradiction challenges our most fundamental believes about intergenerational mobility.

  • Is the education system a cure or a curse?
  • Are the biggest beneficiaries of the current system the wealthiest and most advantaged members of society?
  • Has the higher education system been colonised by the rich to benefit the rich?


  • Andrew Norton – Higher Education Program Director, Grattan Institute
  • Dr Andrew Harvey – Director, Centre for Higher Education Equity and Diversity Research, LaTrobe University
  • Professor Martin Doel – FETL Professor of Leadership in Further Education and Skills, University College London Institute of Education


Kerri Lee Krause – Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Professor of Higher Education, LaTrobe University


To register and find out more information, visit the University of Melbourne's website.

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