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Securing the higher education perimeter

Securing the higher education perimeter

We explore why universities and other higher education institutions need identity and access management (IAM).


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Like most organisations, universities rely on their internal computer networks to operate effectively. But when it comes to managing access to their systems, universities face a number of unique challenges given the number and variety of users who need access to their systems – incoming students, graduates, alumni, staff, and visiting academics, among others. The complexity of keeping track of all these users can lead to lapses in access security, which can offer an easy way in for cyber criminals.

This paper offers an inside look at why universities and other higher education institutions need to be more vigilant in managing who can access their networks. It explores:

  • why hackers like to go to university
  • how hackers get in
  • why identity and access management is a challenge for higher education
  • recommendations for what universities need to do
  • additional benefits of identity and access management.

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