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G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Plenary 2

G100 and ACSI Conference 2017: Plenary 2

Duncan McLennan, National Managing Partner Audit & Assurance, KPMG, chairs a panel discussion: ‘Governance dimension – Building multi-capital business models to create future value’.


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Duncan McLennan chairs a panel which includes:

  • Peter Marriott – Non Executive Director; Audit Committee Chairman, Westpac and ASX
  • Gary Lennon – CFO, NAB
  • Jason Chang – CEO, EMR Capital (Mining Private Equity)
  • Louise Davidson – CEO, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors.

Key points

  • How leading organisations are meeting the information challenge through Integrated Thinking in the boardroom and C-Suite, including through <IR>.
  • The benefits achieved by NAB in moving to <IR> 2011.
  • The NED perspective on responsibility for outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • The relevance of the <IR> framework in following up on prospectus/offer document promises in the Private Equity space.
  • How the <IR> Framework has been very useful for superfunds in supporting decision-making.

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