Motor Industry Services Alert – July 2017 | KPMG | AU

Motor Industry Services Alert – July 2017

Motor Industry Services Alert – July 2017

In this edition we outline key concepts we have taken from dealer groups that can differentiate the performance of best practice dealers.


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Best practice learnings from Dealer Profit Improvement Groups

After facilitating a few hundred dealer groups, there are a number of ‘certainties’ we have noticed over the years that differentiate dealers driving the highest profitability. Whilst Dealer Profit Improvement Groups start with financial numbers, the real discussion and meaning is not about those figures, it is the actions and activities that drive those outcomes.

What should you expect to take-away from your dealer group?

A dealer group is a best practice meeting where best practice ideas, concepts and operating are discussed. It is where dealers have the opportunity to work through the ‘noise’ in the business and discuss what activities and actions will really drive the end result.

In our July newsletter, we have outlined key concepts we have taken from dealer groups that can differentiate the performance of best practice dealers beginning with:

  • one person, no matter the position, can make a difference in the dealership
  • it is critical to a successful business to build a culture of performance
  • maintaining a focus on the back end, and absorption number and
  • the number of products sold per customer.

The newsletter continues on to provide philosophies that best practice dealers tend to build into their culture and ongoing business strategy.

Further information

If you'd like to find out more please feel free to contact KPMG’s Motor Industry Services team (PDF 298KB).

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