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Access Asia: Making the most of trading in Asia

Access Asia

We explore how Australian organisations can leverage Free Trade Agreements in Asia.

We explore how Australian organisations can leverage Free Trade Agreements in Asia.

International exports of goods and services are critically important to Australia, together contributing 41 percent of nominal GDP. Eleven of Australia’s top 15 bilateral trading partners are Asian. Ten of our top 15 trading partners are covered under Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Australia (Indonesia and Vietnam under AANZFTA).

KPMG's research has discovered that many companies are having difficulty with utilising FTAs. They are struggling with market entry strategies, connecting with local Asian partners, distribution models, branding and intellectual property protection, reputational and legal risks, and other non-tariff barriers.

Our report disccsues why FTAs can be challenging for Australian organisations, the underutilisation of FTAs and how companies can the critical elements fro succesful trade in Asia.

KPMG is answering the call from our clients. Access Asia is KPMG Australia’s comprehensive strategic response to the increasing regional trade opportunities arising from the FTAs recently introduced. Our services are aimed at Australian companies and clients exporting and importing goods and services internationally with particular focus on the Asian region.

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