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Enterprise technology for growth

Enterprise technology for growth

Many perceptions of technology need a shake-up, so the KPMG Enterprise experts show the reality, and the potential, of IT growth for the mid-market.

KPMG Enterprise experts break the common myths about IT to show the opportunity.

Myths that stop you growing with IT

To grasp the full potential of information technology for mid-market enterprises, boards and C-level executives need to break through many of the myths that are cultivated around IT. Doing so could help level the playing field between the mid-market and big business, and provide new ways to reach customers, markets and create growth.

Enterprise leaders need the right technology mindset if their businesses are to prosper in today’s age of global technological disruption.

In this special IT myth-busting series, KPMG Enterprise leaders share their insights into common perceptions that boards and C-level executives have about IT. For example, many think that IT is just the domain of the tech team, or that great enterprise systems are unaffordable and out of reach. They crack these and other key myths, helping to put decision makers in a better position to understand the options available to them, and to seize the immense opportunities that technology holds to assist growth.

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Myth: When measuring data, size is always better

The idea that more data is best could leave businesses swamped with information that they can’t use, so asking the right questions is more important.

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Myth: No one knows the market better than you

Gut instinct gets businesses a long way, but failing to tap into data and analytics on customers could leave you far behind competitors.

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Myth: Cloud-based processes dilute differentiation

Some argue the cloud removes uniqueness – but it’s service that must set them apart.

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Myth: IT investment must be cyclical

A look at why upgrading enterprise IT software should be continual, rather than once-off.

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Myth: If the technology is not broken, don’t fix it

Stretching out old technology could mean enterprises are losing out in countless ways.

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Myth: The best technology is always expensive

KPMG Enterprise look at opportunities to access great enterprise IT at affordable costs.

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Myth: The tech team will take care of IT

Why IT must be the responsibility of the board and leadership to get the most benefit.

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Myth: IT is an overhead with no competitive advantage

KPMG Enterprise cracks the myth that IT isn’t a competitive advantage for the mid-market.

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Technology for growth – podcast

The best ways SMEs can maximise investment in technology for growth.

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Passion: it’s what drives entrepreneurs, family businesses and fast-growing companies.

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