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Mighty metropolises: What's the future for Australian cities?

What's the future for Australian cities?

Australia is one of the fastest growing developed nations on earth, placing immense pressure on the cities’ infrastructure and housing. The country is expected to soon be home to 38 million people, while Sydney and Melbourne are tipped to push past 8 million residents each by the 2050. But how can these urban centres keep up with rapid growth? Some cities are laying out their vision for the future, but the architects need citizens to buy into their outlook if it is going to become a reality.


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In this episode of The Next Five Years with Bernard Salt, Salt explores the terrain of city planning and the steps for creating a sustainable and prosperous urban life in Australia. Joined by Lucy Turnbull, Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission, Jane Fitzgerald, NSW Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia, and Paul Low, KPMG Partner of Cities Policy and Planning, Salt asks what will Australian cities look like, how smart will they be, and how will they work?

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