Power to the people: Keeping up with increasing energy needs

Keeping up with increasing energy needs

Australia has recently felt the effects of energy supply shortages in peak summer conditions. Are we producing enough power or do we need more reliable sources? With Australia set to add 12 million residents by 2050, we need to find a way to provide energy for this swelling population.


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In this episode of The Next Five Years with Bernard Salt on Sky News, Salt plugs into how we may be able to produce and distribute power efficiently and effectively to meet these challenges.

Joined by Paul Italiano, Chief Executive Officer of TransGrid, Elisabeth Brinton, Executive General Manager New Energy at AGL, and Ted Surette, KPMG National Industry Leader for Energy & Natural Resources, Salt extrapolates on these complex energy and environmental issues and explores ideas for long-term solutions.

The Next Five Years with Bernard Salt

Sky News program, The Next Five Years with Bernard Salt, delves into the trends that organisations are likely to face in a dynamic, complex future.

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