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Insights for small business success in 2017 – podcast

Insights for small business success in 2017

In the first of our ongoing podcast series from KPMG Enterprise, Rob Bazzani reminds us that the fundamentals of good customer service are key to small business success.


National Managing Partner, KPMG Enterprise and Victorian Chairman

KPMG Australia


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Next month, we’ll hear from Fleur Telford and Michael Hine with their insights on the benefits of cloud computing for your businesses.

'Focus on sales, sales, sales"

"There's never been a better time to start a business in Australia"

"Family businesses have specific needs"


Rob Bazzani
National Managing Partner, KPMG Enterprise

Also, read Rob's article, SMEs want reassurance and action from government in 2017, featured on KPMG's NewsRoom.

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