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Delivering positive patient experiences

Delivering positive patient experiences

Studies show that positive patient experience is one of the most important things a healthcare provider can deliver. But with competing priorities such as budget constraints, rising costs and increasing demand, patient experience can fall by the wayside.


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Clear benefits

Tackling this complexity takes focus and discipline – but the evidence shows that this effort pays dividends for both patients and health care providers.


  • feel respected and treated as an individual
  • receive care tailored to their values and
  • are more likely to follow treatments which ultimately leads to improved health outcomes.

Providers can:

  • better match services to patient needs, 
  • reduce the length of stay, 
  • improve staff engagement and
  • find more opportunities to discover hidden health issues.

What could extraordinary look like?

By designing services, the future could see extraordinary patient experiences with:

  • patients having a stronger voice and input into all areas of decision making and
  • patients providing timely feedback throughout their care that powers the continuous improvement of services and
  • positive patient experience is seen as everyone’s business.

How do we get there?

Shaping services around patient experiences is the future but it’s different from how we work today.

It requires organisations to think about their culture, technology and governance choices and will require:

  • An engaged leadership
  • The involvement of patients and families at multiple levels
  • Information technology to enable change
  • Clear communication of a strategic vision
  • Skilled workforce within a supportive work environment and
  • The use of patient reported measures to improve care.

Patient experience: recalibrating our ideas of success in healthcare

Without action and leadership on patient experience we miss an opportunity to improve outcomes, the quality of care, and reduce costs.

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KPMG is committed to assisting governments and healthcare providers deliver more efficient and effective health services.

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