Rethinking infrastructure – Shaping Australia's future

Rethinking infrastructure – Shaping Australia's future

In a rapidly changing world, we must rethink approaches to infrastructure planning and management to shape Australia’s future.

We must rethink our approaches to infrastructure planning and management.

Australia faces many challenges including a growing and ageing population, the effects of climate change and weak productivity growth. At the same time the pace of technological change is disrupting traditional industries while unlocking new ways of working, delivering services and connecting with others.

In this time of change, the continued prosperity of our cities, regions and communities will depend in large part on rethinking our approaches to infrastructure to meet our future needs.

There is no single right answer, but by designing for disruption and taking a more holistic approach to the planning, funding and management of our infrastructure, we can shape a better future for Australia.

We need to think beyond the predictable future, into the possible future to enable us to make the right decisions today.

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