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Revenue from contracts with customers: Consumer & Industrial Markets

AASB 15 Revenue: Consumer & Industrial Markets

Watch a recording of our webinar held on 15 November 2016 for an overview of the common implementation issues of AASB 15 Revenue from contracts with customers for consumer and industrial markets entities.


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Webinar outline

All entities in the consumer and industrial markets including manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers will need to re-evaluate their revenue recognition policies and processes as a result of AASB 15 with some entities finding there will be a significant impact. During this webinar we focus on a range of potential implementation issues for entities in this sector including:

  • breaking contracts down into separate promises to customers of goods and services
  • customer incentives, including sign on fees and loyalty programs
  • pre-production activities like development of tooling/moulds
  • timing of revenue recognition.

Presentation slides

View a copy of the slide presentation from the webinar.

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