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Small Business Secrets: video blog series

Small Business Secrets: video blog series

KPMG Enterprise Partners reveal the most important lessons about running a small-to-medium business – exploring everything from the foundations to innovation, strategy to commercialisation, and much more.


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Starting, growing and ensuring a small-to-medium enterprise thrives requires more than a good idea and passion. Solid foundations, a focused strategy, a niche product or service, great marketing and communications, the ability to be agile and innovate, a sound financial and legal understanding, and a clear succession plan are just some of the essential elements.

KPMG Enterprise Partners teamed up with the SBS Small Business Secrets program to reveal their insights into these and many other issues. In this series of short video blogs, they also cover how to build your brand story, the path to commercialisation, the importance of building networks, the typical growth stages and pain points to watch out for, tips for the smooth transfer of ownership, why governance matters, especially in family business, and how to keep up with tax changes and regulation requirements.

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