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Are you meeting your Super Guarantee requirements?

Are you meeting your Super Guarantee requirements?

Directors are personally liable for unpaid and underpaid superannuation. Current laws are in place which can hold directors personally liable for unpaid and underpaid superannuation, even if the liabilities arose prior to their appointment as a director.


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The director penalty regime can affect all employers from small family businesses to large corporates, and they have resulted in an increased focus towards ensuring all employers current and historical Superannuation Guarantee compliance is confirmed.

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As an employer, have you considered the following areas as part of your on-going Superannuation Guarantee compliance:

  • Employees vs. contractors and what your obligations are?
  • If any of your employees receive an allowance, are these subject to Superannuation Guarantee?
  • If your employees have a variable remuneration, what forms part of Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE)?
  • Are your employees bonuses correctly documented?
  • Do you have effective and compliant salary sacrifice arrangements?
  • If you have employees on call or with inconsistent and variable hours, do these hours represent OTE?
  • Do EBAs and Awards alter your obligations?

KPMG can assist employers in structuring employee benefit programs through a review of salary packaging arrangements, which means employers will be Superannuation Guarantee compliant.

Review of default group insurance in superannuation

Our report analyses the costs and benefits of the current system and proposes alternatives for policymakers to consider.

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Actuarial, Insurance & Superannuation

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