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Global Construction Survey 2016

Global Construction Survey 2016

The scale, ambition and complexity of today’s engineering and construction projects are nothing short of breathtaking.

The scale, ambition and complexity of today’s construction projects are breathtaking.

Building a technology advantage

The scale, ambition and complexity of today’s engineering and construction projects are nothing short of breathtaking. Buildings are getting taller, wells are getting deeper and bridges are getting wider. Operating at the forefront of some of the world’s greatest challenges, construction is becoming greener and more sustainable, improving social conditions and tackling human and natural disasters.

Technology plays an integral part in helping the industry to realise these goals by enabling enhanced design, planning and construction. Yet, despite huge investments in technology, the sector is struggling to reap the full benefits of advanced data and analytics, drones, automation and robotics.

For the first time, we’ve jointly surveyed both project owners and engineering and construction companies on a number of current issues to understand whether their views are aligned or whether there are marked differences. We continue to look at how to improve project management, but with the added perspective of a technology lens.

Explore the findings by reading the articles and viewing the videos below, or downloading the complete report.

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Global Construction Survey 2016: Australian perspective

Results of the survey show Australian owners and contractors compare favourably with the world’s best in technology adoption and project delivery.

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Innovation in the construction sector

View our video highlighting insights on technology adoption in the construction sector.

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Exploring the limits of technology

Many construction firms have yet to grasp the opportunity of a futuristic industry.

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Evaluating construction project management controls

Technology has great potential, but the construction sector cannot neglect fundamentals.

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The path to becoming a cutting edge visionary

We outline three steps to becoming a cutting edge visionary in construction.

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Is data improving transparency?

View our video highlighting technology adoption and data usage in the construction sector.

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Steve Gatt

Steve has over 30 years' of experience in capital market transactions in property.

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Stuart Marshall

Stuart is an Audit Partner specialising in the Real Estate & Construction sectors.

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Real Estate & Construction

We offer audit, tax and advisory services for clients in property and construction.

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