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Introduction to Customer & Growth

Introduction to Customer & Growth

Kelly Owens, KPMG's Head of Customer, talks about the ‘age of the customer’, how organisations are addressing the issue of customer loyalty, the role of digital and how KPMG can help our clients.


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We work with our clients helping them frame, set and design a customer agenda: How do they want to relate with their customers? What are the tools, competencies, and operational processes they need to have in place in order to manage their customer relationships, to grow them, and optimise them to promote loyalty?

In the video, Kelly discusses:

  • What does 'age of the customer' mean and how long will it last?
  • Is it dangerous to try and be all things to all people?
  • For those organisations getting it right – what are they doing well?
  • What is the role of digital in the customer space?
  • How does KPMG help clients?

Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory

Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory

How we help organisations to achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market by putting customer outcomes at the centre of every decision.

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