The Creative CIO’s Agenda: Six Big Bets for Digital Transformation

The Creative CIO’s Agenda

Through our experience with digital disruption, we have identified six key initiatives or ‘big bets’ that CIOs must consider now to position their organisations to innovate and remain relevant in the fourth industrial revolution.

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The effects of combinative disruptive technologies, and a technology-savvy population eager to embrace them will have a profound impact on the world as we know it.

The fourth industrial revolution will likely be marked by the ability to make almost anything, connect almost everything from everywhere, datify and digitise almost everything, access virtually unlimited content and compute cycles, and automate knowledge work.

We have identified 6 “big bets” that CIOs need to make now to both defend against disruption and be disruptors themselves. The report describes each in more detail:

  1. Journey to the Cloud
  2. Digital Labor
  3. Omnichannel Consumer Experience
  4. Internet of Services
  5. Continuous Delivery
  6. Next Generation IT Operating Model

Each of these should be evaluated in terms of their relevance and potential benefits. The report outlines our recommended steps in conducting this evaluation.

CIOs that can deliver a competitive advantage for their business are those that understand the implications these technologies will have, and can harness them to create new business models, products, services and ways of engaging with customers. But speed is of the essence.

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