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Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2016

Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2016

Based on a survey of over 400 consumer industry executives, the Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2016 reveals priorities and areas of concern.

The 2016 Top of Mind Survey shows consumer industry priorities and areas of concern.

Today’s consumer industry is undergoing profound disruption.

Demographic and economic shifts, coupled with technological advances, are reshaping markets and the competitive landscape faster than many companies can respond. These changes are creating significant opportunities for the most agile and forward-looking. To be in the forefront, consumer retailers, manufacturers, and their supply chain partners are taking steps to transform their companies into digital-first, customer-centric, and fully integrated omni businesses.

The 2016 survey reveals the insights and leading strategies of the world’s most advanced omni businesses. In addition, for the first time, we also surveyed 7,100 consumers on their shopping behaviours and preferences, to see how aligned the executives’ strategies are with actual consumer sentiment.

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