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The science of the deal: Data analytics and technology

The science of the deal: Data analytics and technology

Why do M&A deals succeed or fail? Typically the difference can come down to a disconnect between deal valuation, the actual operational performance of the asset and the plan to realise incremental value post-deal. This means that data sits at the very heart of a successful transaction.


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Data analytics and technology are helping companies make more informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of a deal.

This article, The science of the deal, looks at the need for companies to apply more science to the art of M&A and have evidence to understand where and how to improve performance and deliver value on a deal they are contemplating. It covers:

  • giving transaction due diligence a boost through the Strategic Profitability Insights (SPI) platform – a data analytics capability that uncovers insight faster and more accurately
  • using SPI to soberly evaluate risk factors, such as the potential for value erosion and announcing expected synergy value without fully understanding the company being bought
  • benchmarking as another opportunity to understand targets and realise value out of a transaction, plus the associated shortcomings.

Data is the new competitive advantage when it comes to transactions. Number crunching has never been more important.

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