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Post-deal dilemmas

Post-deal dilemmas

Value protection and the creation of value post-deal are critical in mergers and acquisition. Yet a majority of transactions fail to realise the synergy benefits that were promised in the original investment thesis.


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Whilst a cause for celebration, signing the deal is more often than not the easy part. The hard part of signing a deal is integrating, taking control, realising value and navigating one of the most challenging change initiatives most companies will experience.

This article, Post-deal dilemmas, looks at ways organisations can unlock the value from a deal. There are not only hard and soft issues to contend with following the merger, there’s also the need to ensure focus remains on business as usual. It covers:

  • steps organisations can take to increase the likelihood of integration success
  • communicating clearly, with integrity and empathy to facilitate change – and importantly, make time to listen
  • creating a governance strategy so roles are clear, results are tracked and business leaders are accountable for integration success
  • considering cultural sensitivities to align the two merging organisations perspectives, processes, and ways of working.

An integration plan that is approached with absolute rigour – planning the detail, articulating what is going to happen and what it will mean – will significantly increase an organisations chances of integration success and realising deal value.

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